The Low-Cost Software for all Stowage Optimization Variants - Enhancement in transport, warehouse management, picking and palletization - load data for palletizer robots

Cargoload – The Low-Cost-Software for all Stowage Optimization Variants / Packing Optimization

Load your packages and pallets quickly with space-efficiency in your current cargo bay. Cargoload calculates the optimal positioning and loading sequence for all packages and pallets.

Cargoload is a computer software for optimization of cargo loading and transportation units. Based on data regarding packages, pallets, containers and over-the-road trucks, this sophisticated software takes on automatic calculation of the optimized loading order of packages within the transportation unit.
The advantages of using Cargoload software are clear:

  • Time savings
  • Transport Cost-Reduction through Minimization of Loading and Transportation Units
  • Increased Picking Accuracy
In addition, Cargoload is the most cost-effective alternative to other software products that are offered in the logistics market among stowage-optimization software solutions.

Initial Situation: to
handle packages of
various shapes and sizes
  Cargoload calculates
the optimum position
for each package
  Palletizing according
to calculation results
(3D coordinates)
Optional: Cargoload calculates
optimized pallet loading
for the transport unit
Transport of cargo unit
with optimum utilization
of existing cargo space
Typical situation in logistics

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Cost savings by using a packing algorithm - Optimization of storage space

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Integration / Automation: palletizing by using robotics / Palletizer

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Software calculates the loading of pallets on trucks / container

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Storage - Packing - Picking - Transport - Savings
Cargoload can be used in two main ways:
  1. Integration of the black-boxed software Cargoload Robot with a defined input and output interface for automated palletizing and order picking
    by robots: The Cargoload Robot Module is given the dimensions and numbers of packages, after which positioning and ordering calculations can be taken at the output interface, as can the pallet index data throughout the complete control system. This is of clear interest to providers
    of logistics integration solutions, complete warehouse management systems, and individualized logistics industry solutions. The author of the Cargoload software is interested in collaboration with all such providers. Individual customization of the software is available at any time in order for it to meet specific project requirements.
    For more information about this, see Integration in Flow Control.

  2. Use of Cargoload as a standalone PC solution in a picking warehouse: providing support to the staff of the picking and loading areas through detailed packing instructions. With the help of manually entered package data (loading order calculation), Cargoload calculates the positioning
    of the packages within the available cargo space in order to optimize its utilization.
    For more information about this, see Features.